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Logistics Cold Storage Construction
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Product: Views:429Logistics Cold Storage Construction 
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Last updated: 2018-04-02 16:44

As modern business develops quickly, the logistics are featuring quick, accurate, small-lot characteristics. The original sole storage purpose cold room can not meet the modern logistics requirements. Instead the multipurpose modern logistics cold room are developing fast and  are playing a more important role.


1.Built with low temperature corridor, enclosed platform and electric driven cold room door, anti collision flexible sealant, platform height adjustment device to realize door to door loading and unloading.

2.As Cargo inward and outbound high frequency and large volume, a special tally room(area) shall be established with controlled temperature 0~+7℃.

3.Our refrigeration system of logistics cold room are designed in a more eco-friendly and energy saving manner. The room temperature control wide range and the selection of cooling devices, the layout and floor design are conforming with different goods` cold storage requirements. Cold room temperature automatic monitoring and control device are well in position too.

4.Goods tracability are attained by a sound internet system which making the logistics cold chain distribution management scientific.

5.Pallet Racking and Shelving operation utilized to realize cargo first in first out management which improves storage quality and decreases goods loss.

Multi-layered automatic cold storage room is computer-managed to realize automatic loading, docking, room temperature control, refrigeration equipment running without anyone and can provide goods name, quantity, store position, temperature data, store cost and invoice issuing any time thus reducing cost and labor and increasing efficiency.

Logistics cold room construction procedures:

1. site selection

Logistics cold storage room generally is built in places where land is relatively inexpensive but transportation is convenient, around it shall be no heavy pollution. The land shall be flat, solid, dry, the floor generally is concrete, doors shall be against wind direction, eastwards and avoid pollutants. The cold room ground shall be above around land level to prevent rainwater saturation.

Transportation convenience, connection with markets also needs to be considered. The cold room shall be built in shade area without frequent hot wind, around the cold room effective drainage is important, below it a temperature holding insulation layer and good ventilation is needed for keeping it dry. And before cold room construction according to the voltage of refrigeration equipment that will be used a sound 3-phase electricity system shall be prepared.

our logistics cold rooms have multi-temperature capabilities – frozen, chilled and ambient – to facilitate the storage of a wide range of goods

· - Well insulated units that offer freezer, chilled, air-conditioned and ambient storage facilities

· - Temperature monitoring and tracking system

· - Well designed layout that improves cargo turnaround time efficiency

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